St Mary’s, Dogpole, Shrewsbury

The spire of St Mary’s is one of the tallest in England and for over 500 years it has dominated the skyline of Shrewsbury’s old town. In 1739, showman Robert Cadman attempted to slide from it, head first, using a rope and a grooved breastplate. His engraved obituary stands outside the west door. The church is now the only complete medieval church in Shrewsbury.

Live in the House hosted its first show at St Marys in 2018, where the accomplished vocalist Jo Harmen, demonstrated the impressive reverberatory acoustics of St Marys whilst performing her award winning soul and blues repertoire. St Mary’s continues to be one of our favourite ‘go to’ venues for the best in vocal performance.

The Abbey, Shrewsbury

There has been a place of worship on the site since Anglo-Saxon times. The Abbey was founded as a Benedictine Monastery by Roger de Montgomery in 1083 on the site of an existing Saxon church. After the dissolution of the monasteries in the reign of King Henry VIII the part of the Abbey building which survived continued as a Parish Church – as it has to this day.

Live in the House hosted its first show at the Abbey in 2021, when local hero Dan Owen played to a capacity audience for 2 nights. These shows have made the Abbey another firm favourite with the Live in the House team, with its stunning architecture and soaring acoustics.

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