Scott Matthews returns to Henry Tudor House for an intimate solo performance ahead of the release of his latest album, Home Part 2.

“I’ve realised the song is a natural process that relies heavily on the moment, the spark, the spontaneous energy that forms the music or the speed of the pen on the paper. It truly is a feeling of expression that only the moment thrives on. The more I record my own music, the more I’ve realised I describe what I’m looking for as colours. This method helps me to visualise what instrumentation I’d like to hear. Part 1 has a very sepia-like tone with warm earthy browns and creams and has an almost grainy texture with a small sprinkling of dust. Part 2 was always going to be the complete opposite with a very Technicolor outlook. I’ve always been into highly contrasting things especially with art and photography but none more so than with music.” – Scott Matthews