Damien O’Kane is teamed up with master guitarist Steve Byrnes (Treacherous Orchestra/Kate Rusby Band) and Steven Iveson’s (Damien O’Kane Band) sublime and exhilarating electric guitar playing, This is a trio who take traditional Irish music and song and, in the words of The Telegraph, turn it into ‘folk-pop that is Irish music for the 21st Century’. Or as The Sunday Express said, ‘As magnificent a re-imagining of traditional folk as you are likely to hear.’

Daoirí (pronounced ‘Derry’) Farrell is a former electrician, who decided to change profession after seeing Christy Moore perform on Irish TV. The Dublin-born traditional singer and bouzouki player is being described by some of the biggest names in Irish folk music as one of most important singers to come out of Ireland in recent years, and has delivered the album to prove them right with his autumn 2016 release ‘True Born Irishman’. ‘The creamy forthrightness of Paul Brady, the occasional guile and nuance of Andy Irvine and the attitude and approach to material, perhaps, of Christy Moore. Not a bad trio of names to throw into a barrel of comparisons but the signs are all there that this is a guy with the conviction and wherewithal to justify them and take the re-birth of authentic Irish song-making several leagues forward…an exceptionally good singer and a great bunch of songs. Is any more than that needed? Not in this case.’ fRoots review of True Born Irishman by Daoirí Farrell